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Safety for our children should always be our top priority.

Every parent should have the peace of mind that when their children are in school, they’re focused on Biology and Algebra 2 -- not how to safely and quickly get out of their school in the case of an active shooter.

There are concrete steps we could, and should, take to make our kids safer right now:
1. Not allow guns in our schools (open or concealed), unless the person carrying is trained, licensed, and wearing a uniform.
2. Ensure universal criminal background checks.
3. Allow for extreme risk protection orders
4. Establish effective waiting periods for gun purchases
5. Prohibit gun possession for violent crimes, including those with felonies or misdemeanors for domestic violence and stalking convictions
6. Ban bump stocks that increase rate-of-fire on semi-automatic weapons
7. Increase resources for safety in schools

The time for change is now. Add your name to join this call for real action on gun reform.